Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKayeThe song ‚Straight Edge‘ was written by Ian MacKaye for his band ‚Minor Threat‘. It was a song that described his personal drug free lifestyle and criticism of the self-destructive idea of sex as a conquest, which served as part of the Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll banner originating as a rebellion in the 1960s. It began to influence youth culture as ‚Minor Threat‘ gained popularity through numerous live shows and through sales of the song on their EP. Although to MacKaye the song did not represent a philosophy or a movement, over time many people adopted the philosophy of the song and many bands began to label themselves ‚Straight Edge‘.
As of 2009, MacKaye currently sings and plays baritone guitar in ‚The Evens‘. He also runs ‚Dischord Records‘, an independent record label in Washington, D.C. that he started in 1980.

Ray Cappo

Ray CappoIn 1985 Ray Cappo started the hardcore band ‚Youth of Today‘, that acted as a catalyst for the thriving Straight Edge scene in and around New York and became one of the most influential bands. From those beginnings arose a cadre of late 80s NYC Straight Edge bands, sometimes referred to as ‚youth crew‘ bands. Cappo found himself drawn to Krishna Consciousness, due in large part to his study of religions that embraced his vegetarian and Straight Edge ideals. He became a devotee and started a band that would fulfil his spiritual needs and provide a mouthpiece for his new-found devotion. This band became known as ‚Shelter‘. Further, Cappo sang for the band ‚Better Than A Thousand‘ in the Late 1990s.
Cappo now lives in Los Angeles, CA and works as a Yoga teacher. He continues his association with the Hare Krishna community in the area and is an avid mixed martial arts practitioner.

Karl Buechner

Karl BuechnerKarl Buechner is the original singer of the band ‚Earth Crisis‘ from Syracuse, NY. ‚Earth Crisis‘ began combining elements of Hardcore and Metal, paving the way for ’new school‘ hardcore. Their Lyrics are replete with strong statements, many concerning animal abuse and political issues. The title song from their second 7″, entitled ‚Firestorm‘, with lyrics depicting a neighbourhood submerged in drug addiction and crime, became an anthem for a lot of followers of the Straight Edge scene. The band was often criticized because of their radical ideas.
Buechner lives in Syracuse and recently reformed ‚Earth Crisis‘.

Dr. Ross Haenfler

Ross HaenflerRoss Haenfler is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. His main focuses of interest are Political Sociology, Gender, Social Theory, Youth Subcultures and Social Change. He has taught at the University of Colorado, University of Denver, and Colorado College. Haenfler is the author of ‚Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, And Social Change‘, a sociological analysis of Straight Edge.
His current research project is a book about a variety of youth subcultures called ‚Deviance and Youth Subcultures‘, in which he examines groups such as skinheads, goths, virginity pledgers, hip hoppers, and computer geeks. In April 2009 he has become the father of a baby girl named River. Since then he is more busy than ever!

Russ Rankin

Russ RankinRuss Rankin was lead vocalist for Hardcore-Punk band ‚Good Riddance‘ until their break-up in 2007.
Today Rankin lives in Santa Cruz, CA and holds the position of California/Western United States Regional Scout for the ‚Kootenay Ice‘, a hockey team that competes in the Western Hockey League. Further he sings for the band ‚Only Crime‘ and works as a producer.

Kent McClard

Kent McClardSince the year of 1983 Kent McClard was doing a magazine called ‚No Answers‘. In early 1990, the former ‚Maximum RocknRoll‘ columnist McClard started ‚Ebullition Records‘, an independent record label. From 1994 to 2006 he published the internationally distributed punk magazine ‚HeartattaCk‘, which had a strong bent towards anti-consumerism. His work has been a prominent and influential presence in the DIY hardcore and punk scenes.
McClard is still running ‚Ebullition Records‘ in Goleta, CA.

Pat Flynn

Pat FlynnPat Flynn is the singer and songwriter of the straight-edge hardcore band ‚Have Heart‘ that was formed in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2002. In July 2003 they played their first show and in November a demo was released. The band was signed by ‚Bridge Nine Records‘ in 2005, and in the following year they released ‚The things we carry‘, their first full length album. The band toured through the USA, Japan and Europe several times and released their second full-length album, called ‚Songs to scream at the sun‘ in July 2008.
Flynn lives in Boston and recently finished college to become a teacher… someday.

Peter Young

Peter YoungPeter Young is an animal rights activist. In March 2005 he was arrested to serve a sentence of 2 years in prison. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in 1998 on charges related to fur farm raids in Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. He lived underground for seven years, before being arrested in San Jose.
Since his release in February 2007 Young has been giving speeches on his experiences with the animal liberation movement across the United States.

Priyesh Patel

Priyesh Patel was born in South California and visits regularly hardcore shows since a very early age. He moved to Santa Cruz to study Environmental Studies at the University of California where he is involved in several environmental groups and local Straight Edge scene.
He is still studying…

Eva ‚Genie‘ Hall

Eva Genie HallEva ‚Genie‘ Hall grew up in a small town called Exeter in the Central Valley of California and studied American Studies in Santa Cruz for a short period of time before she moved to Santa Barbara where she sang for the hardcore metal band ‚Gather‘. In 2007 the band split up.
She still lives in Santa Barbara and wants to start a Euro-Pop band soon.

Bull Gervasi

Bull GervasiBull Gervasi played bass guitar in a band called ‚R.A.M.B.O.‘, a Straight Edge, anarchist, vegan crust punk and thrashcore band from Philadelphia, PA. The band was known for their live shows, which normally included costumes, props, and general mayhem. ‚R.A.M.B.O.‘ put out two full-lengths; ‚Wall of death the system‘ and ‚Bring it!‘. They toured extensively in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He was also a member of Policy of Three and Four Hundred Years.
Currently Gervasi works at ‚Mariposa‘, a local food coop and lives with 8 people in a housing cooperative in Philadelphia.

Taylor Clements

TaylorTaylor Clements was born in 1994 and visits the High School of Santa Barbara. Besides music, he likes to ride his fixed-gear bike and to hang out with friends.
Right now he is focusing on cycling and trying to make a career out of it: He wants to be the first vegan straight edge pro cyclist.