1. Where can I buy the DVD?
Please go to EDGE Syndicate or just hit the order button on top left.

2. When and where can I see the movie on a big screen?
The world premiere of EDGE was on October 3rd 2009 at the Hellen Mills Theater in New York City. We already did a movie tour thoughout the States and Canada in October and beginning of November 2009. Alltogether EDGE was screened more than 40 times. We continued touring in about 60 selected European cities, e.g. Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Stockholm, Oslo, Warsaw, Berlin and Hamburg. And, of course, we are still looking for more opportunites to screen EDGE!
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3. Can I organize a public screening of EDGE?
Sure! If you are interested in organizing a screening in your area, please check out the information on how to do so right here.

4. Why did it take you so long to release the movie?
EDGE is a DIY side-project from the beginning. We had no fundings at all and have spent all our own money to make this happen. Altogether it took us almost 3 years to finalize the documentary and to release it on DVD.

5. How was it like to make the movie?
Awesome! But seriously, it was a lot of work – so we’re really happy it is finished now! But we have met so many nice people on this trip and have lots and lots of stories to tell.While being on tour we did a few short Webisodes (1/2/3/4/5/6) and here you can read the complete blog from the trip, how we travelled, why we will never travel with Greyhound again and how we managed to avoid traffic jams in Los Angeles…

6. Why didn’t you interview XYZ?
First of all we had a very limited time and budget. Initially we wanted to interview more people, but since we had to travel the whole US in just 5 weeks, things didn’t always work out. Plus, we wanted the movie to be about 90min long, that is why we had to limit the number of people we interviewed. With more interviews it wouldn’t have been possible to focus on individual characters or certain topics and that is exactly what we think makes this documentary unique – taking a look at people’s daily lives to find out what Straight Edge means to them on a very personal level. So our movie is not supposed to be a ‚who is who‘ of Straight Edge.